Turning Development Upside Down
A book about reforming relief and development

Saturday, January 15, 2005

About the author

Peter Burgess

Peter Burgess has worked for more than 30 years in more than 50 countries. He is currently a co-founder of an international consortium of community based organizations that are advising on comprehensive integrated community centric sustainable development and a co-founder of the international transparency and accountability network (Tr-Ac-Net)

He has worked internationally as a corporate CFO and as an independent development consultant. He has a Cambridge University education in engineering. He also studied economics with a Cambridge Keynesian slant, as did his professional training as a Chartered Accountant with Coopers and Lybrand in the UK. During the first phase of his career he worked on heavy engineering construction in the steel industry, pulp and paper and civil construction, in the process moving from the UK to Canada and then to the United States. Later it was corporate expansion and profit performance improvement in consumer products and high tech products and the implementation of best practice management systems for planning and control all in the United States. In the mid 1970s his career went international again as the Chief Financial Officer for a US based international fishing company operating in 26 jurisdictions around the world.

In 1978 he started a consulting firm to specialize in international business and development. He has traveled to more than 50 countries on consulting assignments for the World Bank, for the UN and many of its specialized agencies for sector planning, national planning, refugee planning, famine and drought emergency planning, national reconstruction planning, aid coordination, information technology planning and implementation, privatization, management training, etc. Peter Burgess has had the opportunity to do planning and analysis work at the national level, the sector level and for regions and communities. His work has been done largely in collaboration with local local staff, consultants and professional firms. This has made it possible for him to see development in ways not normally seen by most international experts.

Peter Burgess's consulting experience also includes work with private sector companies based in or doing business in developing countries. These assignments included work on management, marketing, international trade, management and accounting systems, strategic planning, training, computerization, privatization and arrangement of financing.

Peter Burgess has been associated with many planning assignments in post war and post famine situations. He did work on Afghanistan rebuilding after the Soviet withdrawal in 1990 and worked on Namibia's (formerly South West Africa) first development plan after its independence in 1991. He worked in Kazakhstan as part of the post cold war reform effort and in Africa and the Caribbean on government financial reform. He has done planning work in connection with refugee emergencies in Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia. Malawi and Zambia. He has done AID coordination work in several African countries as well as in South Asia.

Peter Burgess has a unique approach to development that combines a deep respect for human and cultural factors that are so important in a family's quality of life with an appreciation of the great possibilities and limits of technology. He is concerned that there cannot be sustainable development and progress without a new and significantly different development paradigm.


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